Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Beware! Hovering on Facebook Cheater

JAKARTA - Beware of scams in the social networking site Facebook. This time, the fraud on behalf of Sri Devi Shop and Batam Cell with mode offers mobile phones and laptops with good quality and cheap.

"Using Batam because it's the goods sold in Batam famous for cheap and good", said Kasatreskim Cybercrime, AKBP Hermawan, in Central Jakarta Police Reporter. Tuesday (26/04/2011)

Police managed to apprehend perpetrators of crime via up with the suspect named AY (27) in the area Sidrap, South Sulawesi. "Actually there are three, AY we have arrested and there were two more DPO namely S and DK," said Herman.

Herman added, many victims of the perpetrators through up ranging from the ordinary citizen, student, until officials (sub-district and village heads).

"The victim from the bottom up," he said.

AY finally snared with article 27 KUHP 378 and under sentence of four years in prison. AY also entangled with the UU ITE with the threat of six years in prison.

Source : okezone.com

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Organik Aceh mengatakan...

Thanks for your info, very useful for me to beware hovering on facebook. Thanks for the visit and keep on update.

anisayu mengatakan...

Thanks for your info is verry nice :)

dhofa mengatakan...

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