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"Reading" Bad signs that people pass up

USE up again reap the story does not reassure. After many cases of rape due to the introduction on up, now-Rahman Omar, a phenomenon that uses up to deceive victims.
Icha disguised as a woman named Frances Anastasya Octaviany and was married to Muhammad Umar in Bekasi, West Java. Introducing both originated from up in August 2010.
In its status, claiming Icha Sriwijaya Airlines stewardess and a graduate of S1. During introductions, Omar did not realize that Icha are men for wearing the hijab to cover up his true identity. With a brief introductory period, both married at the end of September 2010.
Indeed, Facebook has become the means chosen many circles to expand their friendship, even teenagers and children. In fact, some parents do not forbid their children to use up, but they also fear the threats that may occur.
Forbid it certainly is not the best solution. One-one, even children find out and use it with a wrong path. Now Moms, there is a telling tactic "read" the signs mean-spirited person pass up.
If the psychologists used to detect a person's personality with a tool called graphology, you can use ordinary people in other ways.
"Facebook is an expression of the story. When we told her intense, people will see it through our writing, "said Veronica Soepomo MSi, a psychologist at the London School Public Relations Legal this when contacted by phone on Monday (04/04/2011).
"Consider what he wrote. Is the writing consistent or tends to jump-jump? See credentials, we cecar continue with questions such as about the purpose of life, his family. See if he's consistent. From there it will get caught, "he continued.
Veronica itself is concerned more and more teens are trapped in the abuse up the really vulnerable distorted. Teenagers need to check and re-check of new friends and have lots of "eyes" to mendekteksi.
When is the best time for ground coffee with a friend up? "Minimum 6 months-year, 3 months do not just know immediately met because people tend to still cover up his mask," he explained.
She added that the teenager had to be alert for ground coffee. If it wants to see after 3 months know, should be intense so that he did not have time to organize his lies.
"And, do not immediately want to be invited anywhere. Should baseball itself and not in a comfortable place or usual we went to, "he advised.

Source : okezone.com

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